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Overcome Anxiety, Build Self-Confidence & Find Balance in a Busy Schedule

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What is BBE & who is it for?

Hear from Creator Michelle Pualani to see how you can benefit from this 28-day intensive to kickstart Healthy Habits.

Are you ready to feel empowered again?

If you find yourself caught in a chaotic day of an uncontrolled series of events, never stopping for a nutritious meal, pushing off working out and completely MISSING any sense of self-careā€¦ then you NEED to transform your habits and find your intrinsic motivation. I can help you do that.


Overcome your anxiety to feel calm, collected & in control of your time.

Motivate Easily

Banish the laziness & procrastination you need to move your body.

Accomplish More

Establish a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that gives you more energy in work & life balance.

Discover how to radically improve your lifestyle, so you can finally start taking care of yourself, because you're 100% worth it every time.

What to Expect in Your Experience

28-Day Habit Journal

Bring awareness to what you're currently doing, where you want to go and map out how to get there - all with easy to understand prompts and guidance.

Videos, Audio & Downloads

Whether you're a visual or auditory learner, we've got several options for enjoying each lesson as we work through your transformational four weeks.

Coaching Calls

Become a part of the community as we hop on weekly coaching calls that give you invaluable real-time feedback for your efforts and give you the answers you're looking for.

"Out of all of the different health coaches I've worked with, she is my all time favorite. I still use the tools she gave us to this day. One of the many things that I really appreciated about her approach was that she met me where I was at. She helped me identify my goals and through her tools and videos I created my own approach on how to reach them with her support. I have tried so many different approaches on ways to better my physical, mental, and emotional health and I can honestly say this is the approach that works best for me."

Francesca Rodriguez

"This isn't a 'one size fits all' program. I was working on what I needed most. I found the information easy to digest and easy to implement right away. I started making small changes, like setting daily goals, and soon the momentum picked up. I felt the pieces shifting into place. Throughout the journey, Michelle gave me practical and applicable advice that worked for me. Thank you for giving me a framework to guide me in my personal journey to health and balance. It has truly been invaluable!"

Melissa Wren
6th Grade Teacher

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It's time to become Productive, Motivated & Successful at balancing empire-building with everyday life's demands.


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