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How to a Make a Meal out of a Smoothie

eat well food health food healthy food meal plan meal prep plant-based smoothie wellness Jun 13, 2021

Secondly, we are adamant about using WHOLE foods. That means - if it came directly from the earth then have a blast, but if it's got a bunch of added or fake crap - it probably doesn't belong in your blender or body! Especially if you can't pronounce it.


Here's how we create our perfect meal in a smoothie...

  • Pour in luscious, silky & thick non-dairy milk. Your "milks" should be nuts or seeds + water - meaning no gums, carrageenan, or added sugar (it's usually hiding).
  • Right away blend with your base fruit, we prefer banana but something like mango also works great.
  • As the blender is going, throw in a hefty amount of your other fruit & vegetables of choice - greens like spinach, kale, or baby chard. Maybe some celery or carrots too. Fruits & veg cover your carbohydrates while providing nutritious enzymes, minerals, vitamins & antioxidants! Plus fiber. Woo!
  • Then add your proteins - nuts, seeds, or nut butters are an excellent source of plant protein. Chia, hemp, pumpkin, peanut, brazil, cashew, hazel - you name it, throw it in you nut! (Just figure out what works for you with flavor & quantity.)
  • This would be a good time to scoop in your powders but think more like the superfood kind & not the fake, sugary "isolate" kind.
  • Lastly, your fats. Mmmm... fat. The perfectly ripe avocado would be our #1 choice. If that's not available, because damn you avocados & your straight from unripe to overripe nature!!! … Ahem... but also hemp oil, flax oil, coconut oil... you get the gist kind of oil.


Blend until perfectly smooth then pour out into your favorite glass, add a straw & maybe a tiny umbrella for kicks!


Drink up you healthy, sassy lady!!!


So we say blend away!



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